Double Click VS Single Click

Why has Steinberg not changed the waiting for second mouse click when opening plugins.

It’s not the 1990s anymore.

Who wants to double click when they can single click to open a plugin faster…and as my video shows more efficiently?


I asked this question some time ago. Actually, it doesn’t look like, but it’s different way of opening the plug-in, when you single- or double-click. Unfortunately I forgot the details. But the single-click (the long one) is the proper way. The double-click loads the GUI first, and after GUI is loaded then the process itself loads, or something like this, as far as I remember. So it might lead to some corruption.

Ahhh I see so the Mouse click with the delayed opening of the plugin is just allowing the plugin process to load first then the GUI after.

If that’s that case and it has a purpose as you say to minimize corruption and I suppose improve stability I can understand that.

I’m fairly accustomed to speed in which Logic opens plugins however those are AU units.

Ok it’s been a few years and I suppose I’m not buying the stability concerns while both Studio One and Logic Pro open menus and GUI successfully more quickly than Cubase with no stability issues.

Everyone try it for your self. Hold down command on Mac while opening plugs and plugin menus. They open more more quickly because Cubase has a wait for second click programed in from the old days when double clicking was a thing.