Double-clicking a send slot to edit an fx doesn't work

I posted this in the Issues subforum and i am curious if this only happens to me because i find it crucial in my workflow:

In 7.02 , when double clicking the send slot of an audio track, it does not open the control panel of the loaded plug-in.So no editing is possible from there.One must open the fx channel itself and edit from the insert slot of the channel.Editing by double clicking opens only in the inserts.
Same thing happens in the mixconsole.Double clicking does not work from the send slots either…

This is (afaik) normal behaviour.

Bu when you hold the OPTION key on your computerkeyboard and then click on a Send Slot (in Project Window or Mixer Console), it opens the Control Panel for the plugin.

For me this works, hope for you 2 !

I am on Cubase 7.02 (mac) , OSX 10.7.5

I see,yes i can get used to it,much appreciated!
We can also right click on the send slot and choose ‘‘edit Effect xxx’’ to open the plugin