Double-clicking doesn't work in Project Assistant

In the past you could double-click an entry in the Project Assistant to open a project or template, but that no longer works in C12 Pro (you now have to click one of the buttons below).

Is this by design or a bug?

I’m running C12 Pro on Win 10 Pro (20H2).


Works here!

Confirmed here. This is in the Project Assistant, and not the hub. This has been reported.


Hello, it is a nonsense, but that the cubase people keep it in mind.

Now when you start Cubase, in the Hub, we can not double click as before to load a template, I could live with it, but my first action is always to double click to “accept” something.

Good job and thanks for the update !!

That’s in the Project Assistant, right? In the Hub it works.

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Yes, the problem is in the Project Assistant. In the Hub, double-clicking still works.

@Pablin_Drummer, go to Preferences > General and tick the “Use Hub” option. In the Hub, double-clicking still works. Use the Hub until the issue is fixed.


Thank you, but I did not refer to that particular part. I wanted to refer to the project assistant. I see that now, it is already reported.

Thanks Steve, to move my post here!

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Thanks for reporting, can confirm it’s not working in Project Assistant. After years of muscle memory, the extra steps are very inconvenient.

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There are no extra steps if you activate “Use Hub” in Preferences>General

Yes it’ activated in preferences but I renamed the hub dll to have just the Project Assistant. And there the double-clicking and enter key don’ work.

Goodness. So put the dll back so you can use the functions provided.

I don’t need the hub, just the Project Assistant where the double click and enter no longer work.

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More power to you. Don’t do the workaround, and keep doing the extra steps. :slight_smile:

When you go to File-New Project and then double click on a project name it won’t open like in the former versions of Cubase Pro. You have to point at open and click.
Is there any way to get the double click option back?

Why are you going to “New Project” to open an existing project? Maybe I am misunderstanding.

Go to File → Open …

Yes when I first open Cubase and want to go to an existing project. I can double click on the projects name in the window in cubase11 and the project will appear but not in cubase12

You do realize there is also File → Recent Projects, correct ?

On a side note … there are also better ways to take a screenshot than with a camera.

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Yes…but I’m just saying that it doesn’t do the same as in the last version of Cubase

Nevermind. I didn’t realize you were talking about the “Poject Assistant”. Never used it. Your described behavior is true. I have no idea what the previous situation was. Nor do I care. I always use the File dropdown to either go to Recent Projects or Open if not recent.

Yep …