Double Clicks not recognised

I have a strange problem. Double clicks are not recognised in one Cubase project.
For example, when i double click on an audio part the audio editor should open - but nothing happens. I have to click the part 10 times or more, than the editor opens fine.
This problem only occurs in one special project. But other projects working fine.
I´m using Cubase 6.5 on Windows XP.


Sorry, but Cubase 6 doesn’t support Win XP. So, this is maybye the problem. :confused:

I dont think that XP is causing the problem, because i have a lot of cubase projects running fine. This problem occurs in one Cubase project only.


Shouldn’t be an XP thing. Try saving the project under a different name, for instance, ProjectName-01. Give that a shot. Otherwise, it might be a wise idea to trash your prefs.