Double dynamics when condensing

This has come up before, but my situation is slightly different (and things might have changed with 3.1). I have a lot of places where a part comes in part-way through a crescendo or diminuendo (marked with hairpins). Obviously, in the individual parts I don’t want hairpins where there are just rests, so the hairpin on the part starts later for the part that comes in later. On the full score, though, if those parts are condensed, the conductor just needs to see that there’s a crescendo on all parts; having extra hairpins is just clutter. Is there a way to stop the extra hairpins appearing in the full score?

A work round is to make the start and end attachments of the hairpins match (e.g. start one of them in the rest) and then adjust its appearance in Engrave mode.

The amalgamation in condensing works on the attachment points, not where you dragged the hairpin (or other dynamic mark) to.

If this messes up playback, you can fix that with the dynamics lane in play mode.

(Maybe there should be an easier way, but at least this works round the problem).

In some cases I can’t find a way to make the attachment points match because there’s no common point in both parts:

You don’t need a common point. You can enter dynamics wherever you like, from the caret. Just bear in mind that gradual dynamics won’t actually appear until you’ve hit Space at least once.