"Double" dynamics

There is currently no way to create both a hairpin and gradual dynamic at the same location (at least not without fragile engrave mode hacks)

I’ve also seen the cresc. actually overlaid on the hairpin (sometimes with background erasure)


Ok, I actually figured out a way to fake it with a playing technique, but the original complaint stands. Dorico treats cresc. and < as synomnyms, but they really, especially for brass, really aren’t.

Enter the hairpins normally, then enter the text above from the caret, confirming the popover with Alt-Enter (and flipping with F).

No need for fragile hackery.

That looks great, but I cannot get it to work, Leo. Following all the steps, but upon alt-enter, nothing…

Ah, got it! I wasn’t pressing the spacebar enough times. What does alt-enter do that enter doesn’t?

Alt-Enter makes things voice or staff-specific. Time signatures/key signatures become stave independent, dynamics become voice-independent etc.