double feelings at the update of UR-series

Hey guys, does anyone else feel … weird … about the update for the UR-series?

Here I clearly have bought a more expensive hardware model, having received virtually no updates, and so called VSTs I just can’t seem to be able to use, and they are releasing guitar-amp-simulations from Yamaha for lower end hardware??

I tried to download the package, see if I could run it, but I clearly didn’t :smiley:
please! its software, make it available for the ppl who bought a more expensive model…
it’s like making a free upgrade for Cubase 7 AI, with new effects, but not for Cubase 7 ^o)…

I bought a new MR816 few weeks ago and I already have the feeling of having a legacy product…

that’s SPOT on!

have you tried using these “plugins” in Cubase for example, on a Retrologue patch, for example?
I just can’t get them to work :S, it just keeps giving me an error message “not available”… pretty useless then :slight_smile:

mmm… double triple quadra feeling… u name it :exclamation:
MR is a decent sounding audio interface but lacks flexibility and it seems SB not really cares this product too much… only one Firmware update since its release !! a great one but not enough to make it more flexible… hope they update it with the new of UR update (Loopback function,guitar amps , maybe a delay too for spoiled singers :wink: )

I agree. It lacks of flexibility and the drivers in OSX are terrible: a real mess if you try to use this interface with non-SB software…

Moreover you cannot set the default sample rate, so that every time I turn it on it goes to 96 kHz.

As wrote, I bought a MR816X few weeks ago, as it’s one of the best sounding interface in its price range, and I preferred it over a UR824 as, for experience, USB2 interfaces have a lot of more problems, higher latency, etc…but just now I am realizing I bought a legacy product :slight_smile:

For example, why did they increase the maximum sample rate for the UR824 and not for the MR816?

I hated that too, although I couldn’t are less, because I don’t work above 48kHz (out of personal opinion and lack of even being able to compare it, performance wise :smiley:)

Maybe SB will surprise us with MR series firmware update too ? some issue fixes and new features !?

Yeah, well it’s ok I guess…

I’m not going to purchase the UR824 to replace my MR816csx. I mean it cost me $200 more at the time of purchase so I thought I was getting Steinbergs prize piece of HW. I see they’re favoring their newer UR line. Problem is I don’t like the look of the UR series, and I prefer to use Firewiere over USB2.

I’d like to see an update, but as long as they keep updating the firmware and drivers to keep the MR816 working with future OSX’s for a few more years I’m content.

That’s the point. Firewire is more stable, more reliable and assures better latency. Anyway, let’s face it, we have a product which is almost unsupported…for me a lesson for the next purchases :wink:

… yep, I too prefer using FireWire, and agree it seems to be both more stable and better performing, and I also agree that it seems like SB are shafting us, leaving us out in the cold …

(on @Steinberg’s Facebook)
10 October, me to Steinberg:
“Hello guys, congrats on the release of the update on the UR-series! However I feel a bit weird about it, having a more expensive model (MR816csx), which is not being serviced… if you know what I mean. Would it please be possible to release the “free content” for the low end UR-series, also for the higher end MR-series? would be great!”

Steinberg to me, 4 hours ago:
“And right you are. Will get back to you on this!”

That’s good news :smiley: right?

Wow… great news…:slight_smile:
off topic,i hope they improve cc121 too…

Yeah DSP amp plugins would be INCREDIBLY useful to me, as nothing is better then Guitar Rig at overloading my rig.

I REALLY hope we get these plugins.

… hmm here’s hoping that we see some lovin, otherwise … are they simply, re affirming your proclamation , and signing off with the a sinister “it’s in the mail …” … mwahhhhhh (add Dr. Evil laugh here …)

Steinberg to me, 4 hours ago:
“And right you are. Will get back to you on this!”

That’s good news > :smiley: > right?

will back to you on this ?? maybe they are going to only update your MR816csx device ? :mrgreen:
keep us informed !! thanks

Well I just got a response saying this is “not planned at this time.”


Another long shaft by Steinberg. One day I’m just gonna give up on the company all together.

Bugger indeed !!
MR is “officially” the neglected son of y/s family :unamused:
reminds me the Direct monitoring(daisy-chained) awful threads !! or not giving MR users the native plugin for REV-X
and it has some bugs too… like not following sample rate changes through ADAT !!

probably steinberg(or to say yamaha) are not going to invest on MR development/improvement anymore(actually its been a while,MR816 CSX/X FIRMWARE UPDATE April 7th 2009 the last and only one !!), they clearly focus on their USB interfaces on selling…(money talks bullsh*t walks :exclamation: )

for this to work inside cubase when mixing u need to change to “external fx” option in MR control panel…then they gonna be available ,but they won’t work on inputs in this mode for monitoring/recording.

at least I can use the channel strips now… :stuck_out_tongue: thnx mate…

my answer is still pending at facebook… :confused: