Double instrument name


I’m pretty sure I read a similar thread somewhere but wasn’t able to find it so I’m posting it again.

I’m writing an Opera, and I have several singers.
In this case I just created the second Baritone part and I wasn’t able to create a unique name for it.

Just to make an example, instead of “John” and “James” it creates a “John 2” and rename the first “John 1”…

how can I solve this?


Have you updated to the most recent version of Dorico (1.0.30)? There was a bug in earlier versions of Dorico that would start numbering instruments with overridden names, but that’s been fixed in more recent updates.

Yes, it is updated, (just checked ) but the score was created before the update.

Don’t know if this creates a problem.

I suppose it’s possible that it might. Do you want to attach the project here, or email it to me, so I can take a look?


… it’s … the same score you fixed me like yesterday for another problem.

In the score there are two “Egai”…

I think I might send you a gift :smiley:

I assume the second ‘Egai’ should be ‘Mardocheo’? If so, then expanding Mardocheo’s player card, clicking on the ‘Egai 2’ instrument, choosing Edit Names, and then changing the full name to ‘Mardocheo’ should sort it out.

I’m curious as to how this happened, though: did you check the ‘Use as default’ checkbox in the Edit Names dialog when you first renamed the initial Baritone to Egai?

Well… cheers. Now it works great.
It’s always nice when the solutions is so simple.

No, I did not check the ‘Use as default’ checkbox, I also tried with others players, others tenors, others sopranos etc. When I first create the Musician it takes the name of an already created musician. Then I edit the name and it goes fine.

It’s perfect for me like this.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Cheers :smiley: