Double issue : waveform display and latency

Hi !

So I’ve been using Cubase for a while and there are two problems I have that take me a lot of time to “counter” and now I would like to get rid of them !

My first problem is that waveforms don’t display correctly, I have to zoom a lot before they appear. It’s not a problem of low signal as I’m quite close to 0dB, and I noticed that when I imported an event in my project, or when I applied treatments on those I recorded (like reversing it) it would display correctly. Also it only displays from a certain point and all at once. Let’s say that I zoom to 149%, it won’t display, but if I zoom to 150% it will appear normally.
I checked my preferences and event display is crossed. The zoom bar at the top right is also up, so I don’t know.

And for the second one I think it’s about latency but I’m not sure. The thing is that when I record, the very first milliseconds are cut, so when I play what I just recorded, it lacks the attack of my guitar and everything is a bit shift before the beat. The solution I found is to extend the event a bit on the left to get the begining of my waveform (and I have to zoom a hecking lot AAARRGH) and to move it a bit on the right. And of course the magnet doesn’t work, it considers that the beginning of my event is the one that appears at first.
I’m not sure that it’s about latency since if it was the case it would play a little bit after the start of the even right ? And I don’t feel any latency when I play.

Considering that I’m recording djent at this time, the combo of those two problems takes me a lot of time hahah
Hope you guys can do something for me ! Have a nice evenning :slight_smile:



I bought a new hard drive and transmitted all my Cubase projets on it and everything that I recorded previously now displays normally, but still when I record something no waveform