Double lines when notehead-attached?

Since updating to Dorico 5, using the line tool to connect notes in different staves gives me two overlapping lines. I use this tool on piano and organ scores to show a melodic line that moves to an adjacent staff, and it has always worked beautifully. It still works, but it creates an extra line that reveals itself when the handles are adjusted in engrave mode. It’s easy enough to delete the superfluous line, but I wonder if this is the expected behavior. This only occurs when the start and end of the line are set to “attach to notehead” and the notes are in different staves.

Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm this behaviour. We’ll fix this in a future update, as soon as possible.

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Daniel, I am not sure if I should be making a new post for this, but I think there may be another bug related to staff labels in condensing layouts. I am trying to get my player numbers to be separated by a comma. It works as expected when using Arabic numbers, but if I change them to Roman numerals, it reverts back to a period. I don’t remember that happening in previous versions.

I think I may be wrong about this. I may be confusing player labels in the condensing options with the staff labels. Sorry about that.

I’ve not had a chance to look into what you wrote about staff labels, but if there’s something there you would like me to investigate, please provide an example and I’ll happily do so.

Thank you, Daniel. I don’t think there is a problem. I think I was confused – in Engraving options, under “Condensing,” I thought those options for separating player numbers with comma, period, or space would affect the staff labels. I am pretty sure now that they only affect player labels elsewhere in the condensed score. I apologize for any confusion.