double monitoring

I am a new user, not very familiar with elements 8 yet. I have set up the system with external mixer and audio interface as per the manual. the quality of recording is good but I cannot seem to record a track without it recording all previous tracks again. I have turned the direct monitor on the interface (edirol ua-25) off but this makes no difference. I am obviously doing something wrong, but I can’t work out what it is. this is causing a bit of frustration to say the least; any help would be much appreciated!

Hi, what do you mean with “recording all the previously recorded tracks again”?

Your external mixer Feeds into the Audio Interface. in cubase - do you use a single Input bus or multiple Input busses?
Are all your Audio tracks in cubase fed by the same Input bus?

And finally: Re-Recording only can happen if you have the record button on the indivudal channels “on”.

HTH, Ernst

hi Ernst

many thanks for your reply. i have worked it out now! I feed the interface from the group outs on the mixer - a single stereo bus. the reason the previously recorded material was being recorded on new tracks was because the audio comes back into the mixer on a stereo channel. for some reason i had this going to the group outs too, hence recording the existing tracks onto the new one. sorry to have wasted your time, but i had been going over everything for days before i finally realized!

best wishes


Hi ian,

you don’t have to appologize for posting your Problem in the Forum :slight_smile:

I am happy that you could solve the issue.

Have fun with cubase. It is imho great - which does not mean “perfect” ;O)

Kind regards,