Double mouse-click to open MIDI part suddenly not working

Weird thing - two sessions today, a couple of hours apart. Just started the second session and suddenly I can’t double-click a MIDI part to see/edit the MIDI notes.

I have to highlight the part and then hit ‘enter’.

I have, doubtless, inadvertently edited a command somewhere, but I can’t think how and don’t know where to look to see how to reverse it.

No major issue, but when you do something habitually and that something disappears, it’s as annoying as it is disruptive to workflow.

Any ideas, anyone?

Wow, I’m having the exact same problem since today. Never had that before. What’s going on here?

Me too - since yesterday, using Cubase 8. Never had a problem and all of a sudden I can’t double click to get into MIDI / Audio edit page, or place the cursor along the time line, etc. As if my mouse is broken (but it’s not).

Help please.

Followup: With no explanation or obvious reason, the double-clicking has started working again. I guess sh_t just happens.

Nothing doing here - I’ve also discovered that the double-click required to rename a VST does not work.

Raised a formal support request a few days ago, but I realise that due to the time of year, an answer may not be immediately forthcoming.

I’ll post up any useful info when the boys/gals in support get back to me.

Try uninstalling Replika, the new NI delay plugin. That did the trick for me.

I can confirm that it appears to be caused by Replika, but it’s enough to just close the Replika GUI, rather than uninstall it.

Not sure uninstall is necessary, but having the plugin inserted anywhere creates issues. It is a known issue at the NI forum. I just noticed an even stranger occurrence with the plug though. I had it from a send on two separate group channels. When I went to adjust the send on one, it forced opening a different channel. I tried it over and over.

Done. Had to quit using the Replika plug for now. Not while in rough mix stage of a record.

Maybe add it later for some fun. I do really like the plug. It seems to be in worse form than any Cubase user ever felt about Cubase. Just look at the issues it is causing for other DAWs.

Anyway, whatever. for free what do you expect.

It however can cause at least two freakish issues that I have seen.

Folks, NI have just released an update to Replika and this issue is now fixed.

Same here, both midi parts and audio parts, not working!

Did you update Replika to the latest version in Service Center?

That’s still a bug in 2018.

Works OK here (C9.5.10 on on Windows 10 1709, Replika but you have to change the default double-click action from “open in lower zone” to “open in window”, in Preferences->Editors.