Double note duration bug?

Can’t see this reported anywhere yet, but since upgrading to 5 i’ve not been able to get the double note duration function to work. Even on a few bars of music in an empty score, i just get the spinning wheel of death and have to crash out. Known issue?

Can you provide some steps that can reproduce the crash?

Have been experimenting for the last hour or so. Dorico itself doesn’t crash, just rinses my processor and aits doing nothing - I was getting bored and forcing the crash.

It’s a process I did often in v4 without issue: I’ve got insert mode on obvs, and mostly working on imported xml files, but a brand new file with a small ensemble (e.g. string quartet) and 4 bars of music > then click double note duration will produce this result for me.

I can get it to work on 1-2 bars at a time for a single stave but it takes a few minutes. I managed to get it to do 8 bars of 5 staves at once but it took more than half an hour. Not a resource issue (I have a beast machine, and as I say managed this in previous versions).

Could you upload a file? I’m curious if it follows the file to my system if I open it, or if it’s something that stays on your computer and doesn’t track with the document. (90.3 KB)
Try this - the one I was working on earlier - an ancient edition of mine (done in Sibelius and exported as musxml a few years back when I cancelled my subscription!). Open as xml or import as a flow into a fresh file - doesn’t seem to make a difference which.

Thanks for letting us know about this. This operation wasn’t exactly speedy in Dorico 4, but something’s clearly changed for the worse in Dorico 5. We’ll look into it.

Indeed, thanks Daniel. As an experiment I tried doubling the whole xml file overnight and it worked! About 8 hours…