Double note duration question

I’ve read various posts on this subject but have one question, maybe a feature request.

A client told me his players don’t know how to read 6/8 time and could I redo the arrangement I just sent him. (I knew they were amateurs, but I wish I had known they didn’t know how to read 6/8 time). The easiest thing I could think of was to double everything and make it in 3/4 time. I put it into insert mode, selected everything, a few minutes later when the program became responsive I applied the double note duration command. About 20 minutes later when it was done I changed the time signature and got what I wanted. Except…

None of the dynamics, rehearsal letters, repeat signs, hairpins or fermatas stayed with the notes and a short passage with down stem voices didn’t double (which I know is an issue). All of them are now in the wrong place. Is there any way when doubling note durations to have all these items stay with the new note or bar locations? Is there a way to do this I’ve missed? If not, I’ll add it as a feature request (to add once a re-notate function is added).


At the moment, Double Note Durations really does only operate on notes; there’s no way at present to double the duration of other items. We know this would be a useful feature for Dorico to have and it’s something we plan to address in future.

Thanks for the update. What might have also been useful, but probably not worth the time and effort for your developers, is a way to convert from compound time (6/8) to simple time (2/4 or 4/4).