Double note values for entire piece

Hi guys, i have just completed an orchestration to work alongside a pop tune. I heard the beat of the tune as being quite slow (crotchet = 56), however the producer has their session set up at crotchet = 112. They have asked that I double my note values, so semiquavers become quavers etc, so that our bar numbers etc will all line up.

I have just done a decent hunt around in Dorico, but I can’t find a way to do this! Am I missing something? Please don’t tell me I need to re-enter everything from scratch!



Select Insert mode, then write menu / Edit Duration / Double Note Duration.

You may need to deal with tuplets separately. For example delete all the tuplet brackets leaving the notes, double the notes, then select the notes in the tuplet and press ; to create the tuplet again.

Thanks Rob! It was the ‘select Insert mode’ step that I was missing! Cheers.