double or halve length of notes?

As far as I can see – and please correct me if I’m wrong – there is not yet a way to simply halve or double the duration (I mean note value, not necessarily timing) of a selection of notes which I do all the time. This is one thing that drives me crazy in Sibelius that you need a plug-in to create this in a new score (which then has to be deleted) and then pasted back into the old one. I’m hoping Dorico will simply do the operation in place, giving the option of insert or overwrite as normal. How will it work in practice?


There is a way to take a selection and double or half the note durations, but it also moves the notes to retain the halfed or doubled duration. IE, you can’t take take a selection of Quarter note, and halve them to produce eight notes separated by eighth rests, it would simply be a string of eight notes. Unfortunately, I always forget the shortcut for doing it. It’s something along the lines of ctrl+alt+ left or right arrow

You can shorten notes and have them leave rests in between them: just make sure Insert mode is off before you perform the edit.

We will add commands to double/halve the durations of the selected notes in due course. It won’t be necessary to use a plug-in to achieve this.

I did see you can shorten notes and leave the rests but that’s not what I’m looking for. Looks like you’re on the job and the desired solution may not be far off. thanks, Daniel!