[double-post] In app audio recording

Using Cubasis on iPad Air 2, IOS 8.4.1

Tried connecting in app audio with Elastic Drums yet cubasis does not record sound, nor was I able to play audio from keys/pads. I have tried everthing with same results. i have followed manual, checked forums, watched tutorials, checked my settings, and still can’t get in app connected Elastic Drums to record. Now I am getting same problem for Cakewalk Z3ta, and have similar issues with other in app connections as well. In fact, of the 5 apps I tried, only Waldorf Nave worked as far as playing and recording in Cubasis

Does in app audio recording not work in Cubasis at this time.

Any info anyone can provide on this would be helpful. As it is, I am unable to use Cubasis due to this instability


double-post, please refer to this topic: