[Double-post] Problems with InterApp audio

InterApp audio is unusable for me. I wasnt able to make IMPC pro work, and also Sample tank, and many other. The only one that works (sometimes) is Micrologue.
I am using IOS 9.1, but wanst able before updating also. I tried all the tutorials, reboot, etc. And there’s no way of having Interapp audio working normally. cRashes, freezes…
It also happened before updating IOS 8 to 9, so…I’ve never been able to work it.
I have tried with MIDI tracks and with Audio tracks also, and no way.

Where’s the key to make it work??? Any kind of help?


sorry to hear you are having problems… InterApp Audio should work as expected of course.

So could you give us some more info about your setup like ipad and Cubasis Version and a step by step repro or record a short video showing the issue on your system as well? You can send me that via dropbox or wetransfer and post the link into a PN.


Double-post, please read here: