Double speed

Hi all,

I’ve digitized some audio from a reel-to-reel recorder. The tape was recorded at 15 ips, but my deck can only play back at 7.5 ips, so the audio is now slow by a factor of 0.5.

Can I speed this up to make it play back at the proper pitch? Pitch shifting/time stretching doesn’t sound like a good idea. What I’m looking for is probably more like a sampler playing back an octave higher.

Thanks for suggestions,

Simply change the sample rate of the audio properties (not render) to double the sample rate used for recording. So if you recorded at 44.1 kHz, change sample rate to 88.2 kHz and save. Done!

Yea, nice quick and dirty approach. But it’s now a bona fide 88.2K audio file which isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Would you say that doing this and then follow with a sample rate conversion back to 44.1 would be the next best thing? Sounds like a plan to me. How do those samplers actually do it?


Yeah if 88.2 is what you have now, just double that and work from there. If no other processing is needed you can convert the sample rate the usual way to what you want it to be. If processing is needed I’d do that on the new ‘doubled’ file and then render with dithering to the final product.

Great, thanks much. Too bad I can’t do all that in a batch - should have done it on the source file, but I’ve already split it all up… oh well.