Double stem on single line staff

I’ve tried looking up info on this, but almost all the questions/answers have to do with creating a drum kit on a 5-line staff.

I have a single line staff, for my piatti/cymbals.
I need to write a single “crash” with an up and a down stem on a single notehead, to indicate that it is two plates being struck together.

Is there a way to do this?

I think I’ve read that exact same question not long ago (maybe on FB) and the answer was that it was going to be an easy thing to do with some next update… Correct me folks if I’m wrong.

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Correct, not possible on a single line percussion staff.
Maybe a custom notehead with a stem attached to the notehead.

test.dorico (885.0 KB)

It will indeed be easier to do in the next update, because you’ll be able to set a “five-line” percussion kit to show a single staff line via the instrument editor.