Double the project tempo


I’ve started a project in 86 BPM and recorded both midi and audio. Now i have found the song works better as a rock song in 172 BPM.

Is there a way to double the tempo without affecting the audio and mind that already is recorded?

Put in other words: I want to double the amount of measures but have the midi and audio play “as if nothing has happened”?

I hope the question makes sense …


Edit: Took out a part of the question that was stupid … :wink:

  1. Put all the tracks into Linear Timebase (“clock” icon instead of the “quarter-note” icon, for each track)
  2. In the Audio Pool, makes sure that for all audio clips, Musical Mode" is Off.
  3. Change the Project tempo from 86 BPM to 172 BPM
  4. (optional) Put all the tracks back into Musical Timebase, and, if appropriare, the audio clips back into Musical Mode in the Pool.

Thank you! That worked perfectly!

Only the marker track didn’t keep up, but that I can gladly live with. :slight_smile:


Even that should have worked… are you sure it too was set to Linear Timebase?
Anyways, glad it is sorted for you :wink:.

are you sure it too was set to Linear Timebase?

No, that was the problem, I did not find any place to do just that in the marker tracks inspector or any where else. Did I miss something?

I’m asking this just out of curiosity, it really was no problem. Took me less than a minute to drag the markers into the right position. :slight_smile:

It was probably invisible (or hidden) in the Marker Track’s tracklist. You can set what is to be visible for each track class (the “gearwheel” at the very bottom-right of the Tracklist)