Double the third of a Triad.

In diminished triads, most the time, if voice leading permits, I would prefer to double the third. How is that possible please?

I could not find a setting in the chord voicing to double the third. The flatten up in the Custom voicing seems to double the root even with four note chords. I have also unchecked the adaptive voicing.

It sounds like you’re trying to use the chord track to do this kind of editing.

I don’t know how you work or write, but you will have finer control if you edit your voicings using the Context Variable Logical Editor filters, and the Chord tools in the Midi Editors.

There are excellent examples of Context Variables presets in the Musical Context folder. Access it from the Presets drop-down menu in the Logical Editor.

Hi Steve,

I was trying to use Chord pad with players. In my example, I did not have a chord track.

I will check the context variable.

The chord pads use the logic from the Chord track- players, voicings etc. I know you can go up and down on the inversions using a CC, but I write mostly manually so haven’t experimented to much with it.

Have you seen this video?

This seems to be a poliphonic decision - I mean, in the classical sense. So maybe the chord-approach is not the right one, anyways?

I guess, I should go back to manual writing as well, specially when symphony orchestra is involved!

Yes, I saw that video last week, indeed. It is very cool. About to buy the Leap Motion!