Double time + google searches for Dorico help


I’m enjoying using Dorico. :slight_smile:

(1) I want to halve all note lengths but preserve the rhythm. I’m not sure how to do this.

(2) I think it’s a shame that all previous forum posts are currently inaccessible via Google. Google still lists old forum posts but the content is no longer accessible. They have been very helpful in the past as most people have already asked the same questions that I have. Edit - this might fix itself in a few days. I didn’t realise the new forum was so new.

(3) Google always links to outdated Dorico documentation, for example for version 1 and 2. I think there are some simple ways to solve this. I think that by simply adding a ‘published on DAY/MONTH/YEAR’ date field on each page of the documentation, Google will adjust its rankings to prioritise the new one. That would be really good. I’m looking at the documentation very often as I’m still learning the software.
And/or it would be possible to put a box at the top of the page linking to the current version of the documentation. This would help as it is otherwise not very clear that I’m looking at documentation for an old version.

Thanks again for everyone’s help, the software is fantastic.

  1. Very interested in an experts opinion on this. So far I select the notes, change the rhythm but that inserts rests or pushes notes around.

  2. Steinberg isn’t Google :smile: I think the old posts are archived and can be found another way

  3. This is a problem the documentation team is looking for a solution to

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  1. Look for the Edit Duration submenu on the Write menu. You’ll get different results dependent on whether Insert mode is turned on.

  2. The old forum was only locked 36 hours ago - give it time!

  3. You would think that dating the manual would make sense, but even the latest version of the manual is out of date (it runs to 3.1.10, but Dorico is now on 3.5.10/11). I can see the potential for confusion if a date makes something look more current than it actually is. Regardless, it’s not my problem :wink:


Ah, fantastic! Yes, I just needed to turn on ‘Insert’ and now it’s perfect. There are no new rests between the notes.

Thanks so much…

My own strategy for finding things in the most up-to-date version of the documentation is to use a custom search URL with a shortcut in my browser.

In Firefox, for example, the procedure would be as follows:

  1. Go to a page in the current docs; at the time of writing that is e.g. here.
  2. Right-click in the Search documentation field at the top of the page.
  3. From the context menu, choose Add a Keyword for this Search.
  4. In the little dialog that appears, enter something short and pithy into the Keyword field. I used two letters: dh.

Now when you want to search the documentation specifically, you can simply type into your browser’s address bar, e.g.

dh add dynamics

which will take you directly to these search results.

This is possible in other browsers as well, but the procedure is slightly different. E.g. here is how to do it in Chrome, and here for Safari.

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Is there any way to make the chords follow suit and also halve their duration?

Unfortunately not at the moment, no.

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