doublebass bug still in Dorico 2.2 and a wish

The doublebass octave-bug ist stille there in Dorico 2.2, right?
It´s not a problem, because my workaround is ok, just for information.

My wish: please create an doublebass in D, a solo-doublebass for Bottesini and so on.

So much workarounds to write for this instrument with this range and tuning.

Best regards

Hi Timo.
If I understood things clearly, next paid update (Dorico pro 3) will be about fretted instruments. There should be a lot of new things available for those instruments, maybe we will find an instrument editor… Just guessing, though.

Hi Marc,

thanks, an instrument editor should be the best, I think.

Best regards.

Are you referring to this problem?

I wish I had seen that earlier because I have been going crazy thinking I was entering notes into the wrong octave, or maybe hearing the pitches in the wrong octave (sometimes the low pitches can be deceptive).

I am curious about your “work-around”. The only suggestion I see in the linked thread is to ignore what you hear. That’s not exactly a “work-around”.

Choose a violoncello instead a doublebass, after that go to Halion and change the instrument from violoncello to doublebass!

Of course you have to rename the instrument and so on…

Perhaps change the expression map in the settings of halion.

Does this only happen with Halion or would the same thing happen with any VST having a contrabass or electric bass voice?

Yes!!! I would love to have a double bass option in solo tuning (1 whole step higher).

I don´t know, but it´s a bug of Dorico not of the VST, so it could be.

My workaround is to choose a trumpet in D instaed a doublebass. Then go to Halion and change the trumpet into a doublebass. And now you must change the expressionmap of the instrument into a doublebass or violoncello or so. Otherwise you hear different artikulations as you´ve written.
If you want to hear the whole range of the solo-doublebass, you can try to use a doublebass, a violoncello and a violin on the same midichannel in Halion. You can limit the section of each instrument in Halion. It works and you can hear a whole Bottesini.

For the record, the problem in this thread was fixed in Dorico 2.2.10.