DoubleClick issue in Hub, WaveLab 12

I remember that this was earlier too, but seems that in WL11 it was fixed.

With “Hub” I mean Startup Assistant.

So I start WaveLab 12 and have Startup Assistant window. I have Project tab active, because I used it before. The Recent category is selected and I see my projects I worked on before. Then I doubleclick on a project and it offers me a dialog - “Configure your new project” and I can enter the Name for new project. I click Cancel and nothing is opened, of course. Everything is clean.

Then I open Startup Assistant again (without closing WaveLab) and doubleclick on the same project. It opens and everything is okay.

The same happens if I click on project in Startup Assistant, the Create button changes to Open and I click on it. WL offers enter the name for new project.

Not sure what you mean. When you double-click on an existing project, it opens the project directly, without any dialog.
However, if you double-click on a template, then yes, a dialog open, to name and locate the project.

With that being said, I don’t understand the issue you raised in your message.

Yes I read that in manual. Surprisingly it does a bit different. Please watch this short video.

In this video I do the same twice. First time I used Open button (twice), second time I used doubleclick (twice).

It’s Windows 10 Pro, 22H2.

Are you using the update WaveLab 12.0.10 ?

Of course! Yesterday upgraded and downloaded using SDA.

Can you confirm that it’s a bug? Or should I do something on my side? Reinstall or what? Please, try on Windows machine.

I just working on many projects almost simultaneously and it’s a pain trying to open every project twice.

What I see on your video is not normal and should be a bug.
But I can’t reproduce this behavior.
I will have to do some research to try to understand your case.

I don’t think reinstalling might help.
Though I don’t see which one, this could be a bad setting issue.

While ideally erasing all settings would be best, you could try more gently to only erase this file first:
\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 12\Preferences\General.dat

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It helped. Thank you very much!

But may I ask you to tell about this file more - what settings I have now lost if any?
I’m in a huge mastering/rendering process and worried that new settings may do something unpredictable.

“General.dat” does not contain any preset. Only options here and there. Hence it can’t alter your audio production.

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It’s good.
Another glitch I experience last days (please split this thread if you see it’s important to have a bug report if it is bug).

So before render I select format from Multi Format Prests - my defined preset where I have wav24 and mp3 192 kbps defined.

When WL renders, it renders Wav default and it takes the format which is in Montage default. The result is - I have only one wav file in 32bit because it was in montage. And vice versa (before I deleted General.dat) - was selected my own multiformat preset, montage saved, reopened and I just needed only wav file, so I select factory preset wav24, after rendering I had both - wav24 and mp3-192kbps as if it was still my preset selected.

I found where it becomes wrong - when I select multiformat preset, the active format is single format (indicated by bold font in popup menu). Then I click Edit Multi Format, choose my multi format preset and click OK, the format becomes active (bold font in popup menu) and WL renders both files as specified.

I remember in WaveLab 11 it was working perfectly.

If you have kept your original (bad) general.dat file, please send it to me so that I find the origin of the problem.

Maybe that’s what you have encountered: there is a bug with multiformat selection (will be fixed in 12.0.20), but this is just a display bug: the multi format preset is selected (from WaveLab’s internal point of view), hence it will be used. But it does not appear so in the control’s display.

I guess no, because I selected multi format preset and hit render, it renders the default - only one wav file as if default preset selected.

Then, probably after I saved project and/or montage, the WaveLab found that selected preset now is default (bolded and functioning) and if other selected, it won’t affect rendering.

Okay, I will send both .dat files in private message.