DoubleDelay and ModDelay Require Nuendo?

Hi Folks,

When trying to load DoubleDelay and ModDelay (they are important parts in some of my older projects) I get the message that they require Nuendo. What gives?

They both load fine here. C6.02 32 bit + Win7x64.

Do you have Nuendo installed?



No, I do not have Nuendo installed. I’m running Cubase at 64-bit. Maybe the problem is there? Maybe a Mod can chime in.


Cubase will not give a message just that. Which program you used when you made the projects ?



Thanks for chiming in, Chris. The project was done in Cubase 4. If it helps, I can open it again when I get home in a few hours and post the message verbatim?

OK, this is what happened:

  1. Trying to load these plugins pegs the CPU.
  2. When this happens with 32-bit plugins I turn to jBridge
  3. I try and bridge the .dlls
  4. I get the message “Sorry, this Plugin requires Nuendi 2.x!”

Alas, without being able to jbridge, the plugins load but are useless. I’ll have to check with João.

Well, it looks like I’m sh%t out of luck:

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to fix this, because the plugin uses some method to detect Nuendo that most certainly will be out of the VST spec ( that is, I would have to know how that software protection works ). :frowning:

You cannot bridge Steinberg plugs with jBridge. From the plugin’s “view” jBridge is a host and Steinberg VSTs only accept Cubase or Nuendo as host here. What happens if you copy the dlls simply to your C6 folder?

Hey Konrath,
When not using jBridge, loading these plugins causes my CPU to peg (and read 100%), freezing my PC.

Did you use them from your old C4?
Try these They are from SX3 and work fine for me.

Yep, they are from my old C4. Thanks for the URL - I’ll give them a try. :slight_smile:

OK, what is happening is that I need to bump my latency from the lowest rate (32 samples) to the highest (4096). This never happened in C4. My PC has 16 GB of RAM and a 6 core 3.2 Ghz processor, so I have plenty of muscle…