Doublers not appearing

I have some flows imported via xml where the music is in the correct player but the wrong instrument. However, in galley view for those flows, the other instruments don’t show. How can I get them?

You might need to add them in Setup mode — open the players card, click on the chevron and Add instrument to that player…
I don’t think XML files can load players with multiple instruments, since that paradigm was never used before Dorico (correct me if I’m wrong).
Once you’ve added all the instrument needed, you might be able to move the corresponding music to the correct instruments in galley view (alt-n/m is your friend!)

I already have them in other flows. Xml import has imported to the correct player but the other players are not showing up in galley mode for me to move the music to the correct one.

Also, this is only a problem with some of the imports, others are fine.

Alright. Then all you have to do is select the flow in the bottom panel, tick the missing instruments in the left panel list in setup mode, they should appear in galley view.

This isn’t working, strangely.

Please attach the project so we can take a look.

Same project as drum set problems. I’ll email it to you. Thank you (as always)!