Doubling/ and dragging a part without losing it position

Mac / Cubase 12 pro

If i want to move a part without losing its position, I drag it and then hold the Control key.

But what if i want to double that part and then drag it to a lower lane without losing its position (hence keeping the same position of the part it has been doubled from)?

Seems to me this can only be done in 3 steps:

1.Double the part by holding the option key,

  1. Drag it to a lower lane

  2. Copy and paste the position from the original part.

Wondering if there’s a quicker way?


if I understood corrrectly:
hold OPTION and COMMAND simultaneously and drag the event to a lower lane. it will keep the original position .

hope that helps.


On Windows it’s the Ctrl+Alt+drag, on Mac it’s Cmd+Opt+drag (as mentioned). Ctrl/Cmd is there to constrain position, Alt/Opt to copy.

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Furthermore, these modifier keys can be customized in the Preferences.

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Thank you all.

The Cmd + Opt +Drag doesn’t work on this end (pressing Cmd + Opt just turns the cursor into a tool) . What did work is : Opt + Drag , THEN Cmd (while still holding down Opt) then release the mouse button.

Got there eventually :slight_smile:


Yes, there can be a difference whether you press modifiers before or after the mouseclick.


First click to the object (Audio/MIDI Part or Audio Event) you want to copy, then the order doesn’t matter. You can either move and hold the modifiers, or hold and move.