Doubling but Rarely

What is the best way to handle doublers that mostly play in unison with another part except for a small section where they play separately ?
For example, If Flute1 and Flute2 are identical 99% except for a small section where the Flute2 switches to piccolo,
Is it really necessary to create a Flute2 part that is 99% identical to the Flute1 part ?
Similar issue with Clar/ASax, Clar/BassClar, Tpt/Flugelhorn where the second instrument is only used for a few measures ?
Is there some way to say “this staff is the same as that staff except where I explicitly wrote some music” or something like that ?

If your music is divided into Flows, then you can do the following:

Create a “Unison Flute” Player, and a Flute 1, and Flute 2.
Select the Unison Flute Player in both the Score and the Parts for the Flows where they play together. (And not the other Flute players.)
For the Flows that have the two parts, use Flute 1 & 2 inthe score and the relevant Flute in each part.

So Flute 1’s part will have Unison Flute and Flute 1 Player alternating in flows, showing only one line.

If you only need divisi for a few bars, then yes, you’ll need to create separate Players for each Flute, and a Player with both parts a2 for the score.

An easier method of doing this is anticipated in future versions.

thx, single flow. about 200 measures. piccolo is needed for only 4 measures–different from flute at that point, but otherwise a2 with flute (as flute).