Doubling instrument changes score layout position?

Shostakovich’s 10th symphony has three clarinets: one Eb clarinet, and two clarinets in A. At the end of the first movement, the Eb player takes an A clarinet to become Clarinet in A III.

In the score the Eb Clarinet is above Clarinets in A I and II; but when the Eb player switches to A clarinet, the score has Clarinet in A III beneath I and II.

Is there any way in Dorico to make this happen? I’ve looked in the forum and documentation, but I can’t find anything. Thanks for any suggestions!

Since the player does not switch instruments DURING any movement, but only after the first movement has ended, I would simply create an instrumentation list, for the flow that is the first movement, different from the list that is used in the other movements. Then put a textual note, at the end of the first flow, that the Eb Clarinet is now becoming the 3rd Clarinet in the next movement (flow).

Or perhaps I am misunderstanding your question?


Oh, I misspoke - the player switches instruments shortly before the end of the first movement (which is 25 minutes long), plays a passage as Clarinet in A III, then switches back to Eb clarinet for movement 2. Sorry about that!

You cannot change the player order in the middle of a flow, I’m afraid.