Doubling Note problem

I’ve had this problem off and on for a long time. I’m using an Axiom 25 controller and am constatly getting note doubling. I’m only using the midi out on the Axiom so it shoudn’t be looping right? I was using USB but thought that may be the problem, it wasn’t. When I go to MIDI in cubase there is a delete doubles and I highlight the notes but that dosen’t work either. Windows 7, 8 gigs ram, 3.20 ghz, Asio, Saffire DSP 24

Thanks for any suggestions:

Make sure your device is the only one checked for All MIDI inputs in Device Setup. There’s a KB article for double note issues, also.

Thanks mashedmitten,

I did change the All Midi to just the prosaffire input and that worked. Then just to test, I changed it back to All Midi Inputs and recorded something and that was okay too. Like I said, this has been happening on and off since I’ve had Cubase 5. I appreciate your suggestion, Thanks!