Doubling Note Values: Dynamics Don't Move

Hey there, Dorico forums crew:

After doubling the note lengths of an entire chart (insert mode, and then double note lengths in Write > Edit, of course!), all of my dynamics and hairpins are in the wrong place - they are still in their original positions, whereas the chart is now twice as long. Am I missing something or is there no way to do this so that the dynamics and hairpins follow and adjust to the change?


I’m not sure (I’d be surprised) if this is possible but what Insert Mode scope are you using?

That’s my fear :grimacing: I was just using voice, but maybe…global? might yield a different result? I’ll give it a go…

I don’t think it will but good luck! Maybe someone else will have a solution for you if not.

No dice! Yes, if anyone has any ideas for this, anything would be appreciated. It’s a very detailed score and I am dreading having to just redo all the dynamics…but alas…

There might in fact be a way to help you with this. Grouped dynamics will expand and contract as a group as the end is moved by dragging with the mouse. I just took a selection of half notes taking up four bars, with p < mp < f > p dynamics one per bar, and doubled them to whole notes. Then I made sure all those dynamics were grouped and dragged the final p to coincide with the same note in whole notes that it originally landed on in half notes, and then the mp and f in the middle were also in the right place (in the same spot they were when half notes). You might be able to make use of this ability to “re-scale” your dynamics to the correct length.

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There are lengthening/shortening key commands as well, just for general info:

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Thanks for the response, Lillie!

So am I correct in thinking there’s no way to have dynamics automatically adjust to new rhythmic lengths when I “double note durations” across a whole chart? Is the “best” workflow be to do that command, and then manually move and lengthen dynamics to there new position?

I believe so, yes – I don’t think notations move or lengthen/shorten when you edit the durations of notes.

Gotcha. Thank you!

Yeah but you shouldn’t have to move them individually one by one. Theoretically if you grouped together all dynamics in your project first as one giant group, doubled note values for the project, and then dragged the final dynamic to where it was supposed to be, all previous dynamics should move proportionally which would result in stretching them out to double the note length, and the dynamics should all then be in the correct places again just by moving that one dynamic. I probably wouldn’t recommend actually grouping together the whole thing and doing it simultaneously (or if you do, do it in a test file first so that you can get back what you had if it goes awry), but instead grouping together smaller sections and doing the double note value / stretch dynamics routine on those sections.

Ooooh I see! Ok, I will give that a shot. Thank you!

Just as an example to clarify… if I start off with this passage in half notes and want to make them whole notes:

First I use the double note duration feature and at first I get this, with the dynamics in the wrong spot:

But the dynamics didn’t scale. But now if I group them together and take that final ‘p’ and drag it to the penultimate note, the B natural, which is where it is supposed to be, the entire group stretches out proportionally just by dragging the p, and I get this:

Notice how the the entire thing stretched out so that the mp and f now fall on the correct notes, the same notes they did when it was in half notes.

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