Doubling notes at the octave

I am inputting a tuba part which is essentially the same in this old march-size piece as the 3rd trombone, so I’m just copying/pasting with very little alteration other than shifting octaves to get the tuba part.
There are sections however where the notation of the tuba part has the notes doubled in octaves. Is there an easy way to get Dorico 4 to add the extra octave to the notes which are already in the part? I searched the online manual for “doubling at the octave” and I searched the online manual for “adding an octave” and the only entries at all relative were discussing the octave lines in the popover.
Thanks in advance for any help!

In Dorico 4, you can use the add intervals popover: Adding notes above/below existing notes

Thank you – I knew there had to be a way.