"doubling up" staves in score

Already planning some projects to tackle in Dorico which is very exciting.

I might try a few small pieces first, but my first real challenge is to work with a long orchestral score I have to do the copying for, which I’ve been putting off because of the necessity in Sibelius to have separate files for movements, and the clumsiness of putting all this back together in Acrobat. Bad enough for the score, but a nightmare for the parts. The prospect of using these flows is very appealing, and the piece being 75 minutes for full orchestra should perhaps test any slow down in performance…?

But my question is: My workflow for scores normally consists of combining staves, eg. flute 1 & 2 onto another stave, leaving the parts intact, and tidying up this to look good. Is this the same procedure that I would need to do in Dorico? In Sibelius it is reasonably straightforward especially with the “paste into voice _”, so that flute 2 for example can be pasted straight into the combined part. Does something like this exist in Dorico?

Is it perhaps too early too consider a project like this for Version 1? It’s all very conservative in notation demands, so there are no worries there.

As an aside. can I also add my support for pitch before duration - as a Speedy Entry Finale user from 1992 my habits are entrenched. I tried to get used to the simple tool but it is counter-intuitive to me, especially now. I only felt comfortable with Sibelius when pitch before duration was introduced…

There has been some previous discussion of this in an earlier thread:


As for pitch before duration, I’m afraid there won’t be any chance of us getting this in before the first release, but I wouldn’t rule it out completely for the future. I would ask that you do at least give Dorico’s note input method a try before you declare it unusable. I believe you can teach old dogs new tricks — I find note input into my previous scoring program (I imagine you can guess which one it is) almost impossible now that I have fully assimilated Dorico’s method.

Thanks for the link - that all sounds very encouraging - I look forward to hearing more. It is an area that I spend quite a lot of time in, so it interests me very much.

I second the request for “pitch-before-duration;” it is the principal reason I stopped considering an earlier version of Sib as an alternative to Finale.

I would find the exact opposite.
As a Sibelius user ever since v 1.0, I would have a nightmare getting used to the concept of pitch before duration.
Obviously to have the choice would be the ultimate solution that would please everybody.