Doubt about buying The Grand 3 Full

Hi !

I have a question… I bought the Cubase 8 Artist retail box. And the box came with a dvd with The Grand SE3 trial version…

So… if i want to get the full version i have to pay the 50 euros “upgrade from The Grand SE3” ? Or i have to buy the 149 full version ?


No one ?? :S


In your case, you will have to first purchase the permanent license for The Grand SE3 trial which costs: €99.99
And then you will have to purchase the upgrade from The Grand SE 3 which costs: €49.99

€99.99 + €49.99 = 149.98

In the end it is the same thing.

If you want The Grand 3 you should simply go directly for the full version. You will save €0.98 :wink:

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Perfect !! Thank you very much for your answer !