Doubt on *MIDI inputs* and *Video playback*

Hi there!

I have to admit, that VST Live is exactly the kind of program for Live performance, I didn´t even dared to dream about, so CONGRATULATIONS on VST LIVE!!! And with Steinberg Licensing, just great…

I have two questions, for which I do not yet have an answer, as I haven´t purchased a licence of VST Live yet, and as there is no demo yet, and I already checked the online manual, well, I have to ask…

1. In the screenshots I can only appreciate 2 MIDI inputs. Is this the maximum?
I hope not, because a synth-based band would easily require more inputs, to control more layers at a time. As an example, for my project I would require at least 4 MIDI Ins: 3 MIDI controllers and electronic drums (obviously using a 4x4 MIDI interface).

2. As video playback is supported (and very much appreciated from my side), it would be great to know more detail on which video formats would run best, at which frame rate and compression, which characteristics would require the graphics card for flawless work etc.

Any clarification on both questions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

  1. No, you can add as many MIDI Inputs as you like in the Devices/Connections panel.
  2. video formats: best known and testet is mp4. rate and compression - just a question of how much your system can handle. There are no problems with regular HD or 4k videos unless your system is very old, even cheap graphics cards can handle that.
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