Doubt VST 32 bit in Cubase 7 64 bit

Guys, I need your help. I have Cubase 7 64 bit and I use windows 8.1 64 bit. My cubase recognizes all VSTs 64 bit I install, but is not recognizing when I install a 32 bit VST. How can I make it recognize the VST that has only 32 bit ?

Hi viniciusmi00,

you can add a new path for Cubase to scan for Plugins in the “Plug-in Information” window. Note that we don’t recommend to use the VST Bridge, but to use the 32bit version if Cubase if you want to work with 32bit plugins.


Hello Luis.

I redirected to search in “D:\VSTPlugins” which is the folder where I install all my plugins. But as I have 64 bit plugins and some that are only 32 bit (Example the Tone2 Firebird which is now free), but it is not recognizing the Tone2 Firebird and no plugin 32 bit I have.

I did not want to install the Cubase 7 32 bit, not to lose performace, and also to be able to use my 64 bit plugins. Is there somewhere I can choose (select) to recognize both plugins 32 bit and 64 bit ?


Vinícius P. Miranda

Someone can tell me if I will not be able to use my VSTs 32 bit?

jBridge may work. It is another “Bridge” application that makes some 32 bit plug-ins work in 64 bit Cubase.
It has a free demo mode to test it out. Just google “jBridge”.

You need to put your 64 bit and 32 bit plugins in ‘separate’ folders, then add the path for the 32 bit plugins in Cubase.

Also take note of the thread about “J Bridge” and use this for your 32 bit plugins or install the 32 bit version of Cubase (you can have the 64 bit and 32 bit versions installed on the same system).

I use a load of 32 bit plugs in C7 64bit…all I did was drag and drop the dll’s to the 64 bit vst folder…you probably have already done this and are still having probs but when I started with Cubase I did lots of daft stuff (still do) so maybe the obvious is worth mentioning…best of luck…Kevin

I’m on win8.1 64 and c7.5 64 and use jbridge to bridge my vst 32bit plugs. Works fine and the support of Joao is fantastic.