doubt with apple..

I recently bought my cubase 15 days ago but within the box came the version 7.5. I already install the free upgrade to 8 pro version. My question is should I erase the 7.5 icon and only leave the 8 Icon? Or should i have both. Notice I am a student and I am learning.

Unless you have a particular book or instructor that points you to C7.5, I would recommend going right to C8. Perhaps keep c7.5 installed for a bit, just in case…

No i don’t have any book or instructor pointing me for 7.5, it is totally new I am new in cubase, I don’t have any session yet. I installed the 7.5 this last monday, 4 days and I am upgrade, so there is no problem if I erase the 7.5 Icon from apps?

You can remove the icon from your dock without problems, but it will not uninstall the application. Removing it from the application folder on your MacHD will.

… but, unless you are actually short of HD space, the Cubase 7.5 app is doing no harm there :wink:.

Note that Pro 8 is declared compatible with Yosemite, v7.5 is not! So if you run Yosemite (10.10) there’s no point in having v7.5 installed.