Doubt with audio interface

Staff. I bought Cubase 5 7 + Hallion and now have to buy a audio interface.

I use only virtual instruments, and wanted to learn how to produce electronic music quality.

What find it advantageous to buy an interface from Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 which is around $ 226.00 or try to join a good extra money and buy a Motu UltraLite-MK3 ?

Tips are always welcome.

Note I use Windows 8.1 Original, Version Final already.


+1 for RME. In this case (using VI only) the most important thing is having good latency figures and RME is known for that.

But unfortunately the RME interfaces out of my budget. I need to buy until November and I will not get enough money to buy the RME interfaces.

Use ASIO4All to be able to use your computer speakers in the meantime.

Guys, I’m still much doubt. With some more opinions? Anyone ever come across the audio quality of the two interfaces? Suggest any better in the same price range?

get the NI Komplete Audio 6 or Steinberg UR28M … both are really good & really good price …
the NI is a really good value considering the awesome software that comes with it :open_mouth:

if your only using the interface for vsti’s then there is no point of the extra I/O’s , the ultralite is a great little interface with 14 in’s 10 out’s and every channel has compression ,eq , limiting and is completely over board if your only mixing in the box . Buy a decent 2/2 I/O interface

look at the third table down , the presonus firestudio mobile is up there with the big boys and for £169 must be a bargain