Doubts about GRACE PERIOD

Staff. I bought the combo Cubase 6 & Hallion 4 MUSIC PRODUCTION & SOUND CREATION SUITE.

But it will take a lot to get to me. Around December. Has possibilities to GRACE PERIOD for upgrade to Cubase 7 and Hallion 5, finish before the software come to me ?

I’m afraid when it arrives in December I have to pay to upgrade Cubase 6 to 7 and Hallion 4 to 5. It is possible to finish the Grace Period ?

The serial are with me, but the Dongle not yet. I can register the serial in my account on the website of Steinberg and already making updates, or the USB Dongle have that with me and connected to the PC ???

The grace period will still be valid in December if you try to use an old activation code, so no worries!

Oh! Thanks Ed Doll

I was worried about it.