Doubts on the USB Dongle

I have a USB Dongle with licenses of LoFi Piano (that it was free or something like that) the Basic FX Suite s that comes with UR44 and Dorico Element 3.5 but now that I am un Cubase 12 and I do not need the dongle… I want it to move to the normal activation(soft eLicenser I guess?) How can I do this and why is this still a problem in 2024. lol

You can’t as far as I know. Once a license is on the dongle it can never go back to soft elicense.
Dorico added the new licensing system at v4 so if you ever update you could at least get that off the dongle.
No idea on the basic FX suite…I doubt it will ever get updated.
With the piano maybe you could try to download it from scratch but authorise it to the soft elicenser…but I’m not sure if it will see you already have a license and refuse you a new one.

So sad that this big company can update the way software works… but well… whatever then. I’ll not update Dorico for now… maybe in the future… Thank you so much for your answer. I guess there is no solution. Piano LoFi don’t let me to activate as soft eLicense…

LoFi Piano - click here for a new (free) licence on Steinberg Licensing.

Basic FX Suite has yet to be ported to Steinberg Licensing - Steinberg is working on it.

Dorico 3.5 Elements - you need to update to switch to Steinberg Licensing; the first version of Dorico that uses Steinberg Licensing is Dorico 4.

I can download LoFi Piano but not activate as soft license it ask me for the license that is in my dongle. Let’s wait to next year then. lol. Thanks for your answer!

You cannot activate a new licence to soft eLicenser - but if you clicked the link in my previous reply, you should now have a LoFi Piano licence in Steinberg Activation Manager.

Oh. Nice… It works. LoFi Piano it’s now working. Thanks!