Doug! Happy Birthday to ...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear DOU-UG
Happy Birthday To You!!

cough 1 day late cough


Have a good one Doug :slight_smile: !

Cheers mate,


Happy Birhtday, Doug. :slight_smile:

Well Happy Birthday, ya young pup!

May today be joyous
and each tomorrow more so

Happy Birthday Doug

Happy birthday Doug. have a god one!!

and a happy new year! :sunglasses:

Happy Birthday! Have a great day… :smiley:

Many happy returns… :laughing:

Thank you, gentlemen. I’m 50.

I noticed this:

Typo? Freudian slip? Clever pun? Or… keen spiritual insight? Because I spent the day yesterday in fasting and prayer. TODAY (Sunday) I’m celebrating. I’m not lying!


Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

Happy (slightly belated) birthday Doug!

You got me beat by only 5 years. :slight_smile:


hehe :slight_smile:

Unintentional. However in fairness it was the god of shellfish, homosexuality and food offered from ‘foreigners’

but yes a typo :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

hope you had a good day sir :slight_smile:

Nappy Birthday, Doug.

Happy Belated Birthday Doug!!! :smiley:

Three more years and I’ll be 50 as well… :open_mouth: