Down Loaded Cubase 10 Tril ............. SDA files?


Cubase 8.5 user here… I have the dongle etc.
I have just spent about 7 hours down loading the trial via the Steinberg Downloader… after completion I’m left wuth 2 SDA filed which my computer does not recognise… I was expecting an installer file.

What do I do please?

Files are:
Cubase 10.0.40 Installer WinZip TYPE : SDA - DOWNLOAD file

Cubase 10.0.40 Installer WinZip. sda_download.aria2 TYPE: ARIA file

Hopefully someone has experienced this and has resolved the issue.
Many Thanks

SDA is probably a short for Steinberg Download Assistant.
It seems your download hasn’t completed and therefore your files are not yet renamed.

Thank you KHS.