Down The Road: Add Players In Standard Score Order

It’s understood that there are a ton of feature requests on the Dorico docket, enough probably to stretch the programming capacity for years.

Here’s something that perhaps could be tacked on the end:

When adding Players to a Flow in Setup, it would be great if should one choose they could be automatically added to the list in standard score order (Woodwinds: Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, Bassoons, etc.) .

To be sure (a) there are templates available, (b) it is easy to drag added players wherever you want them, and (c) standard score order would not be desired in all scores. However, I find that (a) I prefer to add Players as needed instead of using a template, (b) it’s one more distraction in the process, just make-work, and (c) 90+ percent of what I do uses standard score order.

Again, I’m not asking to prioritize this over other more important matters, I’m just pointing out something that would be helpful.

Settings for this would be very helpful indeed.


I am not with you, because: what is standard?
So much music exists besides the ‘standard’ 19th century symphony orchestra or the ‘standard’ jazz combo setup.
Dorico should not be presumptios in this case imho…

I agree. Should flutes go above oboes? Usually (for me, always). But I would rather not have an extra step to override this if desired.

What I think would be better (and has already been discussed) is the ability to save custom ensembles for future projects—set up your house ensemble, and save it as a preset or whatever.

I hope I sufficiently highlighted that this would be an optional preference and not an enforced behavior.

I think you have and I would like such preferences also.

I guess people are asking for this because they know it from some other scoring program (;)) where it’s possible to select the order from a select field. And people like to have some basic guidance that they can alter if they deem necessary, so why not give it to them? Give them some standard set-ups and let them then move the flute below the oboes if they desire, in which case it would switch back to “custom” set-up, or whatever.

Finale has six separate conventions for how instruments can be ordered! Despite the fact that you can use these and then customize them, I’m sure I’ve seen forum posts suggesting that each of the default configurations should be different.

There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be possible to customize the defaults either.

Well, there is a reason why it shouldn’t be possible to customise the defaults: it all takes programming time.

But we do certainly plan to provide a means of ordering the players according to the primary instruments they hold with reference to some preset orderings in future.

In most DAWs new tracks are created below the currently selected tracks. That would be cool in Dorico too. Want a third flute? Select the second flute an add a third one below.

That in fact already happens if you right-click a player and choose Duplicate Player.

I never doubted that. :slight_smile: I just meant technically there’s no reason. And I’m not demanding this within the next couple of days I just stated my view on the matter. You know best what’s easy and what’s hard and in which order to do things.