Down With Me

Musicoin link:

I created this in Cubase using Loopcloud from Loopmasters. I had never done a loop based song before but it turned out nicely. Let me know what you think.

Technical notes:
I used the vocal sample as the basis for the song and built the instrumental around it using only loops from Loopcloud. I used minimal FX on this track. The dry vocals received treatment by Waves Voicentric plugin and the stock Delay and Room Works from Cubase on FX sends. I used iZotope Neutron on the bass track and iZotope Ozone on the master bus.

SoundCloud link:

So I don’t listen to pop much but I tried to analyze the drum line and why I didn’t find it very attractive
I thing your kick drum is stuck between being a hard kick and being shy a bit!
in other words , it’s too electronic and dry IMO. maybe a bass guitar in the back would help the feel.
overall it was really good!

Thanks for the reply Masoomi. This is a downtempo song which is a style of EDM. The drums are electronic sounding to fit the style. I know it could be considered a pop song as well but that’s not what I was going for. Thanks again.

i like it ,the general feel is realy nice but that distorted synth towards the end i thought maybe work it around the vocals a bit to give it more impact in the gaps of the vocals.

Hi, I like this. I like the singer; sounds like Rhianna. Not that I am a big fan of hers, but it sounds good! I agree with Masoomi that the kick sticks out. Maybe it should be deeper. I also agree with Polgara that the synth at the end sticks out. Probably a lot of things you could with this to fit it in though. Keep the tracks coming!