downbow (upbow) for selected notes

HI, I am experiencing a strange behaviour while trying to apply a downbow (or upbow) for selected notes. Please see 3 attached screenshots. I was expecting bowing will apply just for particular notes I select?

Playing techniques that you create with a multiple selection are created more like a continuous line rather than a number of individual items: this will be more obvious and more useful when we return to this area and add the lines and arrows etc. that would more normally be used in this situation. In the meantime, if you don’t want the playing techniques to be applied to all the notes in the range, use Alt+click to copy one playing technique (or use the new preferences introduced in Dorico 1.1 to allow you to use the mouse to create the same item repeatedly without clicking it again in the panel).

Thank you Daniel.

Great tip, Daniel. Is there a way to show a double-stop, yet? (besides writing SHFT-X “non div.”)

I’ve also been frustrated that one can enter “cresc.” with Dynamic pop-over, but the system will not accept “cresc. molto”.
Am I totally missing something obvious?

Click on the cresc., and see that in the properties panel (the bottom one, cmd-8 or ctrl-8) you can add prefix or suffix. Easily enough, you can add molto as a suffix. I wonder if you should add a space before molto, make sure to check that

Merci, Marc! This worked perfectly.

Just curious: what’s the reason that one can’t enter prefixes and suffixes directly in the popover?

Pardon the obvious response to the question: it’s because the dynamics popover is not implemented in such a way that it can hang work out what might be the prefix and what might be the suffix. And it’s non-trivial to do in the general case because Dorico uses pattern matching to pick out the semantic words from within a string entered by the user, and they might not end up in the same order when the dynamic is produced (e.g. “p sub” and “sub p” entered in the popover will produce the same dynamic).