Downgrade an upgraded Cubase

I own Cubase 6.5 serial and I upgraded it less than a month ago to 8.5.

I was silly that I didn’t install the trial version first, I just didn’t think it was necessary because I heard so much good about the new Cubase versions. I don’t get along with 8.5, IMO it has a really bad interface and unfriendly, and I can’t work like that.

Anyway, I am now considering downgrading my OSX on my computer to be able to use my C6.5 again,
but when I tried to run the C6.5 on my other computer, it said that the activation is not valid.
The 8.5 ran over the 6.5 as I upgraded.

Is it possible to get back my 6.5?


You can run Cubase 6.5 with Cubase Pro 8.5 license.

Might be, the version of eLCC is too old on your 2nd system and this old eLCC version doesn’t recognise Cubase 8.5 license as valid. Check, if you can see the Cubase Pro 8.5 license in your eLCC on the 2nd computer.

Thank you! I didn’t know I could still use my Cubase 6.5
So I installed it now using the Application installer tool, and the Cubase 6.5 is running.

But with weird bugs, I don’t know if it is possible to fix them and I know it is not supported but I thought I should give it a try and write it here so maybe someone can help with any advice.

Everything is kind of off inside Cubase:
-The cursor is way up outside the project window. When I press play, I can see it move up there. (see attachment pic)
-When I click on any button, it doesn’t respond, but I noticed the Cubase thinks my mouse is somewhere else.

Do you or someone else here have any experience with that?

I wouldn’t recommend to use Cubase 6.5 (or any) on an unsupported system. I expect, you downgrade your system and use Cubase 6.5 on a supported system.

I have changed the resolution settings and now it works flawlessly!
I am so glad to have my cubase 6.5 back!

Thank you for the information