Downgrade from C10.5 to C5 possible?

I recently upgraded Cubase 5 to v10.5 but since this version is totally flawed with all the spikes happening, I’m thinking about installing my old C5 again (which I have on the original disks).
However, on my elicenser the C5 serial is replaced with the 10.5 serial. Is it possible to have both versions on your PC? Or is the new serial of 10.5 - once I authorize my old C5 serial again on the licenser - overwritten?

And more or less related, I also have Cubase elements with a separate elicenser (for a separate laptop). Is it even possible to have 2 elicensers on the same computer because then I could maybe have the C5 authorized on a different elicenser while having them both connected to my PC.


If you updated, then yes - your Cubase 5 license is replaced by the Cubase 10.5 license. The good thing: A Pro 10 license also letˋs you run Cubase 5, and yes, you can have both versions on your PC.
And yes, you can have as many USB eLicensers on one computer as you want.

The license allow you to have any lower version installed and running, up to the version you have licensed. You can also have several different versions installed at the same time, side by side. You don’t need to authorize your old C5 serial again if you install that, it’s licensed with your 10.5 license.

If you can’t run 10.5, I’d recommend to try the 10.0.60 version. There’s no reason to go back to the very old C5, you will likely find that 10.0 works fine.

This is what worked for me: I downgraded to 10.0.60 + disabled retrospective recording. A new format was introduced with Cubase 10 so you won’t be able to open 10.5 projects in previous versions.

This is incorrect. Cubase 10.5 projects can be opened in previous versions. Of course features that don’t exist in the previous version will not work. I just opened a couple of different 10.5 Projects in Cubase 7.5 and they opened and played fine.

Thank you very much for your replies. Much appreciated.
I actually saw another tip which seems to make the whole experience of using C10.5 smoother and that’s changing the setting of processing precision to 64 but floating instead of 32 bit.
Although I did read that some had managed to bring the spikes down with various approaches but later the problem arose again so I’m not 100% convinced yet but let’s wait and see…


Oh, and indeed I was even able to open C5 projects with C10.5 so that works quite good (apart from some messages regarding plugins that need to be authorized again)

You might want to open any important old Projects in C5 and render to audio any FX or VSTi that you want to ensure you can access now.

… but you will not be able to open C10.5 projects in C5, including any C5 projects you opened in C10.5 and then saved again (thus converting them to C10.5). It’s a one-way street.

That said, my strong advice would be to cure whatever is causing the spikes on your machine, rather than going back to such an old version. What graphics do you have, are you using WiFi, have you tried LatencyMon etc.

Oh wow, didn’t know that is was only one way… that would have been a bummer. Anyway, seems that the change of 32 bit floating to 64 did the trick :bulb:

That how it always works. If you save a file in 10.5 that file is now a 10.5 file (until you save it in C11) if you open a 10.5 file in 7.0 and then save it in 7.0 the file is still a 10.5 file even though 7.0 saved it - it never goes back to being a 7.0 file.

Say there is a feature XYZ in 10.5 that you used in your Project and 7.0 doesn’t support XYZ. When you open the Project in 7.0 it will just ignore the XYZ stuff which doesn’t exist in 7.0. Then if you save it with 7.0 and open that file in 10.5 all the XYZ stuff will still be there just like before the journey to 7.0 and back.

In general 10.5 files are backwards compatible with older versions, I think to maybe SX3. There used to be a chart showing this but my link to it seems to be broken. Of course when making big leaps like this the chances of having “problem” plug-ins increases.

Best practice is to always use copies of Projects when hopping between versions so you always have the original.