Downgrade from SL to Leopard (easy?) mac

After receiving several replies to my post (listed below) it looks as though I’m gonna have to downgrade from SL to leopard as I can’t install anymore ram into my late 2006 Imac.

Also if I back up my current system with "Time Machine (which I haven’t used yet) then clean install leopard what happens when I revert back to my current settings.

  1. Will Leopard be confused as I’m reinstalling my settings from a later vsn ie SL
  2. What happens to things like Kontakt instruments with all there various "system prefs"etc

Has anyone tried this process and how easy was it? My other problem is where to get a suitable Leopard install disk I’ve looked on ebay and it looks well “dodgy”

… …

After completing a large film project I thought it was safe so I finally took the plunge and upgraded my 20”Imac from Tiger to Snow leopard with no major problems.

I did all the usual updates- Firewire solo driver, Steinberg elicenser software etc.

Before upgrading I could run at least 60 instruments with 3 instances of Kontakt 4.1.3 and Kontaktplayer 2.2.4 inlcuding sounds from Symphobia, Evolve, Evolve mutations 1 & 2, Hollywood winds, Reason 4 etc as well as Sylus rmx, Stormdrum 2
various plugins as well as a QT mov. without my computer struggling too much.

After the upgrade my computers CPU performance monitor is peaking around 50% with audio spikeing with just 8 instruments with the buffer size set to 2048.

I’ve done all the usual (repair disk permissions, Mac hardware test, trashed Cubase preferences) but with no obvious improvement I have also turned off “Growl” and “Norton anti virus”

Steinberg no longer support “Studio 4” so I’m now left with a project looming and No technical support.

Is there someone out there that can help me?

Imac 20” 2.16Ghz Dual core 3gig ram installed.
OSX 10.6.8

Firewire solo with latest 32bit driver installed.

Cubase studio 4.5.2