Downgrade to 10.0.20.

Did anyone successfully downgrade to 10.0.20 yet? Do I have to uninstall the whole thing and start from scratch? 10.0.30 paralyzes my system completely.

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Just uninstall the update, and it will revert to the version before the update.

Thank you.

How do you do that?

My update file .dmg doesn’t have an Uninstaller in it.

10.0.30 won’t even open at at start up. Just shuts down before the Hub loads with error message “Cubase Quit Unexpectedly”

That only works on Windows OS.

Cubase is just useless. I am so disappointed in this product and regret spending all this time and money trying to migrate from Logic.

Hi Alex,

I’m also in the process of migrating from Logic, bought into the crossgrade deal, and it’s been very stable on my iMac - late 2013, Mojave. Reviewing similar posts, it may be related to the OS you’re currently running.

Yeah, you’re probably right. Im still on Sierra (10.12.6) because Logic and all my third party plug ins have been working so smoothly and efficient I haven’t had the need (dared, out of fear) to upgrade.

I have an iMac late 2011 so that is incompatible with Mojave. Once Im done with today’s work, I will try and upgrade my OS to High Sierra and see if that helps.

Regardless, it says on their website that Cubase 10 is compatible with OSX 10.12, so it SHOULDN’t be a problem, alas, I cannot yet open my Cubase (even after updating eLisenser and deleting the Cubase Preference folder)

Download the current e licenser app, open the installer and run the UNINSTALL. Go to Users/Library/Prefs and look for the e licenser/sycrosoft prefs and trash that. Run the Installer again and install the e licenser.
Reboot the Mac, run the e licenser app and perform the maintenance. Open Cubase and see how it goes.
Fore the Record, High Sierra runs fine here

Crossgrade to Windows 7 and never have problems like this again.

Apples weren’t meant for work, they are “user experience” products. how they became such a “staple” in the professional world beats me. Apple in the workforce, It’s a plight to the professional and business world.

This is almost always a problem with either plugins or preferences. Follow the instructions here:

Could you please explain how to uninstall just an update? I know how to uninstall the whole thing but not just an update.

I had to uninstall Cubase entirely and found the old 10.0.20 update on my computer and reinstalled that.

Yeah, I just did something similar. Uninstall 10.0.30, reinstall 10.0.5 from a full installer backup, then update that to 10.0.20 from a update backup.

cubase 10.5.30 is unstable update, unable to play 2 vst instruments, it hangs for a while then play , then hangs then play, sometime out of sync, one of my client left because of the issue of unable to handle audio performance. I am using macbook pro 2015 core i7, just uninstalled the cubase completely and reinstalled 10.5.20 , meanwhile I purchased Logic PRO, Hope I don’t have to look back to cubase.